Car Service: NYC to NJ

//Car Service: NYC to NJ

Car Service: NYC to NJ

Car Service: NYC to NJ – A whopping 1.6 million people commute into Manhattan every single work day, a big chunk of that number coming from New Jersey. The more reasonable cost of living and lower home prices in NJ attract many people to put down roots just outside NYC. There’s a tradeoff though: a longer commute, more time away from family, and more wear and tear on cars. Plus, there’s an elevated stress level on drivers who must put up with traffic every single day.


We have a solution: a car service. Before you think you can’t possibly afford a car service, think again. First, consider the fact that you’re no longer spending your own money on gas. Next up, you’re not putting mileage on your own car. And third, you’re arriving to work and home refreshed and stress free. You can get more work done while someone else drives, cutting down on your time in the office. Let’s say your commute is one hour each way. By getting phone calls, emails and other mundane tasks out of the way in the backseat while your driver worries about traffic, you’ve just knocked off two hours of work you would have had to complete in the office or even at home after hours.

Working late and missed your carpool? Check out the many reasons to enlist the help of a car service like All Occasion:

  • Frequent traveler discounts: With the All Occasion Limousine Club, we reward our frequent travelers with discounts and upgraded service. Our Frequent Rider Rewards Program allows you to accumulate points whenever you use our service, with points redeemable for upgrades and free base fares. It’s free to sign up and you can even earn additional points by referring friends, family and business associates.
  • Convenient online booking: Who has time to make a phone call anymore? Just book your car online with a few clicks.
  • Coupons and discounts: All Occasion always has online specials going on, such as 5% credit card discounts and 10% cash discounts.
  • Professional drivers: Your chauffeur has been through extensive training so you know you’re getting a true professional when you open that car door.
  • Timely service: With email confirmations and down to the minute time slots, you can get where you’re going on time, every time.

A car service can take the stress out of conducting business in the city. No more wasted time hunting down a cab or trying to navigate your way downtown in rush hour. As a business person, you’re busy! If you have to waste time commuting, you’re not being productive. A car service can get you to that meeting, conference, errand or flight on time. All you have to do is show up curbside and get in. There’s really no better way to commute.

Call All Occasion Limousine now at 732-264-2057 or book online. Why take your car when you can take ours? Relax and get the VIP treatment!


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