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Safety and Technology

  • Vehicle Tracking System: Our software allows us to keep track of our drivers at all times. Detailed records are kept from start to finish and customers can receive an automated text message as to the driver’s arrival at pickup location.
  • Flight Tracking: FlightTracker allows our dispatch team to keep up-to-the-minute flight information. We can monitor and adjust dispatch schedules according to any last minute changes. Any major changes in flight schedules please contact the office at (732) 264-2057
  • Voice Recording: We record all phone calls for quality and learning purposes only. Our recorded phone calls allow for accountability and training, we are always looking for ways to make your experience better and easier.
  • Since we place so much emphasis on safety we make ongoing efforts to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in DOT and insurance policy regulations. We also provide car seats and booster seats free of charge as a courtesy to you.
    • Every chauffeur that All Occasion Limousine hires going through a background check, an extensive review of their driving records as well as reference checks. We provide continuous back office support at all hours. Each driver is required to carry a copy of our $1.5 million dollar insurance policy for your protection and receive regular classes through our insurance.